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The fire danger has been rated low by DNR and in conjunction with Jefferson County Fire Chiefs I am releasing the burn ban. As a reminder: All fires must have someone present at all times and with abilities to extinguish the fire quickly. Fires larger than 3X3 must have a fire permit which are available for purchase at Station 41. Burn barrels are illegal. If you have one you cannot use it. These have been illegal for many years. Burning trash is also illegal. Please don't do it. Natural vegetation only. Finally, you are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of a fire getting out of control and requiring an emergency response from any and all agencies. For more information about fire danger in Jefferson County, please contact Brinnon Fire Department at 360-796-4450, or your local Fire Department. Please remember to completely extinguish all fires, and ensuring it's cold to the touch.


Click here for CURRENT burn status in Jefferson County





Is your driveway wide enough and stable enough for fire apparatus to travel on?  

Imagine that you're at home late one evening and awake to smoke alarms sounding.  You realize that your home is charged with smoke and something is burning.  What happens if the fire department cannot reach your home?  The fire department responds in large fire engines and water tender trucks to bring water to the scene.  Preconnected hoses are 200 feet  in length.  We experience emergencies on a monthly basis where the ambulance or fire engine cannot travel all the way to a residence due to a narrow, overgrown, or unstable roadway. We ask that you please make sure your driveway is accessible so that we can access your residence when needed! If you have any questions, or need us to come out and take a look at it, please give us a call today!


Be sure to check your driveway each spring for overgrown limbs, washed out areas, and repair and trim as necessary.  If you are unsure about the width, you can contact the department to assess it.

Another note:  if we must cross a bridge to get to your residence, fire department apparatus will not cross it unless it has been inspected by an engineer with maximum load capacity clearly posted on both ends or it is a county maintained bridge.


Brinnon Fire Department covers 132 square rural miles, consisting of wilderness, National Forest Land, and land managed by the Department of Natural Resources, residential, and commercial property owners.  The department provides the following services to the community:


                Water Rescue

                 Rope Rescue

                 Basic Life Support and Intermiediate Life Support medical services and transport

                 Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) services